odpo s.r.o.

was established in 2017 as a family company, which goal is to offer all ecological services to its business partners. We always try to meet your requirements individually, with the utmost care and adapt to your wishes

We offer

We offer a combination of two approach solutions based on 20 years of experience in waste management and recycling in conjunction with a young and dynamic view of solving your problems. Knowledge of classic and modern technologies and procedures allows us to respond efficiently and flexibly to your wishes


To solve your needs, we are able to utilize the experience of our partners from the Czech Republic as well as from the European Union and Asia


Secondary raw materials

Recycling EPP
Reprocessing and regranulation of PA6 and PA6.6
Purchase of material according to type and amount
Ensuring the recycling of plastic waste with the possibility of re-use in production
Purchase of recycled material according to the specification
Processing and purchase of non-compliant production and scrap
Ability to process the material at the site (crushing, pressing, document shredding)


Providing comprehensive consulting services
Incoming audits
Supervision of updating documents and legal obligations
Preparation of the annual waste report
Representation before public authorities

Waste management

Implementation of the tender according to customer requirements
Optimization of waste management
Comprehensive proposal for waste management
Waste removal including hazardous waste
Complete outsourcing of waste management



What laws do I have to respect in ecology

  • What I need in terms of the Waste Act
  • What I need in terms of the Water Act
  • What I need in terms of the Air Act
  • What I need in terms of the Packaging Act
  • What I need in terms of the Chemicals Act

Who will represent you before being inspected by the ČIŽP?

  • Can I transfer the responsibility to someone else

Waste management:

  • How to optimize the course and outcome of environmental tenders
  • How to optimize waste management
  • How to create a comprehensive waste management proposal
  • Where to ensure waste collection
  • How to treat with hazardous waste
  • What is needed for waste management outsourcing
  • How to deal with expired food production
  • What to do with the production waste

Secondary raw materials:

  • How to handle secondary raw materials
  • How to handle secondary raw materials
  • Where to find recycled materials for production
  • What to do with non-compliant production and scrap
  • How to ensure the re-use of plastic waste in production
  • Why use recycled materials
  • On site recycling, disposal


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Ing. Ladislav Podlešák jun.

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